July 26, 2017

Western Australia

The wild, wild west… Sun, adventure, a breathtaking natural environment – it’s what you’ll find on a holiday to Western Australia.

Dive with the world’s largest fish – the whale shark, snorkel with manta rays, swim with wild dolphins, walk amongst the tree tops of ancient trees – Western Australia truly is the authentic Australian experience.

Best time to visit:
There is always plenty of sunshine with mild, wet winters, making it a perfect year-round destination.
Spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) are the best times to visit..

Must see attractions:
The Golden outback’s stunning goldfields are renowned for historic townships. The beaches here are wild one day and calm the next – they’re also home to humpback whales.

Perth – The city has impressively restored historic warehouses, museums, visit some great art galleries or eat at some of the country’s best restaurants, go snorkeling and sea kayaking with wild sea lions.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area – Shark Bay is Western Australia’s first World Heritage listed area. Friendly dolphins, crystal clear water and some of the oldest and largest living fossils in the world make this a very unique place.

The Swan Valley – Home to two of Australia’s great wine labels. There are 30 or so wineries, along with a wildlife park and Australia’s best golf resort.

Albany – This is a historic seaport. The nearby mountain ranges, the Sterlings and the Porongurups, offer magnificent climbs, spectacular views and beautiful wildflowers. Visitors should not miss Dog Rock, a granite outcrop that looks like the enormous head of a bloodhound sniffing the breeze, and one of the most photographed ‘dog’ in Australia.

Mandurah – The main attraction is Peel Inlet, where waters of the Murray, Serpentine and Harvey rivers all enter the sea.

Ningaloo Marine Park – Ningaloo Reef is Western Australia’s most accessible Coral Reef with amazing marine life and untouched nature.

Dining out:
Mouth watering seafood comes from the coast around Perth, including king prawns, rock lobster and special freshwater lobster called marron.
There are excellent local wines in Western Australia. A vibrant pavement coffee culture exists in Perth, and Fremantle’s South Terrace is home to the aptly named Cappuccino Strip.
There is plenty of international cuisine and dining experiences; for example, eating fish and chips from a converted tram in Fremantle, sampling the excellent Asian food in Subiaco (Perth) or partaking of a gastronomic feast in a riverside restaurant along the Swan River.

Some well known eateries:
– La Tosca Trattoria Pizzeria
– Café Carlotta
– Jaksons
– Altos
– Wharf
– Vat107

There are many nightclubs in the Northbridge area of Perth which cater for all music tastes.
The Burswood Resort and Casino complex is minutes from Perth city centre. It provides world-class entertainment facilities and a multi-level nightclub.

Western Australia may be big – but it’s easy to travel within the State.

Getting around Perth is easy with lots of options including free city transport, trains, buses, ferries, taxis and more.

There are many options for traveling within Western Australia including coach, rail, flights, and self drive options.

Road trains and wildlife pose a road threat here than in any other state. Avoid driving at night, dusk, and dawn.
Greyhound Pioneer is the only interstate coach company serving Western Australia.