July 20, 2017

Restaurants in Australia

Australian cuisine has the most assorted range and innovativeness than many in the world. However, it took Australia time to evolve from meat pies, Vegemite sandwiches to dishes such as “seared kangaroo fillet with wilted beetroot greens and roasted onions”.

The culinary art of Australia luxuriated in the 1990s. Australia offers a variety of cuisines from Italian to French to Greek to Spanish – just everything.

Fun with dining – that’s the new mantra of Australian restaurants:
The trend is toward regional foodstuff, thus the need to bring in savvy, sophisticated dining venues. The opening of the award-winning Banc (and Wine Banc), located in a splendid old bank building on Martin Place, Sydney proves that along with quality food and wine, Aussies want fun, mystique, music, fashion and theatre.

Of course, one can’t speak about this changing lifestyle without highlighting MG Garage, one of Sydney’s best restaurants – the restaurant is also a showroom for MG sports cars. With its long bar and leather banquets replicating the cars’ luxurious interiors, MG Garage is simply the best.

The meal served in Tetsuya, Sydney is a degustation of about 14 separate dishes, many just a few delicious bites, served in martini glasses to show off the myriad colours of the fish, vegetables, fruits and sorbets. Tetsuya’s skill is combining Japanese inspiration, French technique and the freshest Australian ingredients.

Service in Restaurants:
Service is European-style and varies from waitress/waiter service to self-service.
Some restaurants allow guests to bring their own alcohol and are called ‘BYO’ restaurants.
Restaurants serving authentic native Australian food:

There are a number of ‘bush tucker’ restaurants in Australian which are well known for serving game meats such as kangaroo, wallaby, emu and crocodile.

Here’s a short list of famous restaurants serving modern Australian bush tucker :-
Deep Blue Bistro, Sydney:

Located in the southern Sydney suburb, this outlet introduced Bush Tucker degustation menu to compliment their existing daily menu.

Tukka Restaurant, Brisbane:
Tukka’s native Australian menu includes mouth-watering rainforest fruits, spice from desert tomatoes, pepperberry from the mountains of Tasmania and the lean, rich meats of wallaby, possum and wild boar.

Tjanabi Restaurant, Melbourne:
The menu includes flavours drawn from native plants, berries, matched with quality game meats, seafood.

Bundjel Bush Tucker restaurant, Yarra Valley:
This restaurant provides visitors an opportunity to sample delicious gourmet bush tucker including char-grilled kangaroo fillets, bush tomatoes, crusty wattleseed damper.

Red Ochre Grill, Adelaide:
The Red Ochre Grill specialises in Australian seafood, Australian game meat, bush food and regional Australian cuisine.
Dining out in Australia is a truly unique experience:
No matter what food you like there is surely a restaurant to choose from. Check out a restaurant guide in the local paper for a choice of fine dining.
Australia boasts of a wide range of fine restaurants, cafes, noodle bars, fast food outlets, buffets, patisseries all over the country. Dine al fresco by the waterfront on Sydney or Darling Harbour sampling a sumptuous seafood platter.

Check out these exotic ones when in Australia:
– Jordons Sea food Restaurant, Sydney
Renowned for sumptuous seafood platters, Jordons secret is preparation and presentation. A tiered tower featuring handpicked crustaceans such as fresh prawns, oysters, bugs, octopus is accompanied by the best chips in Sydney.

– Fenix Restaurant, Melbourne
Cuisine: International Cuisine, Modern Australian
People can enjoy a casual meal (food has an uncompromising flavour) all the day as well as indulge in other food-related activities with a bit of live music.