July 20, 2017

Pubs and Clubs in Australia

Put back the spring into your shoes, and have a blast night out in one of Australia’s many Nightclubs, clubs and pubs! Go for a dance, enjoy the nightlife, go clubbing in any of the hot spots or just sit back and enjoy a cold beer in a sports bar!

Whether it’s a party, wedding reception, social dinner or a night out with your mates – the choices are just endless. Australia’s club/pub scene is as diverse as the people who live, play here.

Australia also has a wide range of Bowling & RSL clubs catering for a wide range of ages, functions, events, tastes and styles. These often offer restaurants & bars offering music entertainment and function & conference rooms.

Practically every pub and club in Australia has a Pokey. This is a simple gaming device, much like a video poker or electronic sports game which are prevalent in bars in America.

Club culture of Sydney – the most happening city of Australia:

Sydney, the most chic and pulsating city of Australia boasts of a wide range of clubs, pubs and bars to choose from. It is regarded as one of the best cities for ‘night’ entertainment. There is something to satisfy all tastes and styles. Major hotspots include The Rocks, Paddington, Bondi and all along the Oxford Street Night Club strip which is very popular with the gay crowd. For more risqué entertainment, head for the Kings Cross Strip clubs.

However, if you want a truly unique experience, visit the traditional ‘Aussie pub.’ At the bar you’ll find a good selection of wines, beers and even a very reasonably priced cocktail list.

Pub guide in Australia:

These two steps you need to be careful of:
Step 1

Find out till what time the pub is open. Generally, it is possible to get a beer at any time of the day or night in the cities of Australia. However, the usual opening hours vary between cities and states but have a look at this to get a fair idea –
– Residential Area Pubs: 12 o’clock closing / 10 o’clock on Sundays
– Non-residential Area Pubs: 2 am closing
– Late Pubs and Hotels: 5 or 6 am
– Of course, not to forget about the 24 hour pubs.

Step 2

Learn how to order a beer in whatever region you are in. Ordering a “pot” of beer in Queensland will result in you receiving a cool amber beer (approx 285ml). However, if you were to do this in NSW, the bar person would probably respond with a “Sorry friend, are you alright?”

Style of pubbing amongst Aussies:

Australians are very hospitable, and for that reason, a person may find himself invited to join a group of Aussies at a pub for a drink.

The person is actually joining a “School” (3 or more persons). After one has joined the School, the apt protocol is to shout in turn. A shout means buying a round of drinks in turn until everyone in the school has bought once. At this point, any member of the School can depart. Should someone leave the school before the shout is complete, they are obligated to buy their round before leaving.

If this person were to depart before buying his round, he will surely be nicknamed as “long pockets and short arms.”