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The new test for the Australian Citizenship Test 2018 has been designed to check the English proficiency and to assess whether the prospective members have integrated in to the Australian society. In major overhaul of Australian Citizenship law, the government has made an announcement that migrants who are seeking for the Australian Citizenship need to meet the English language requirements and embrace Australian values. This new Australian Citizenship practice Test 2018 will assess the applicant’s commitment to the nation, their attitudes towards the equality of gender, assimilation of the social values of Australian Country and English proficiency (it includes reading, speaking, listening and writing test).

Individuals who have failed the Australian Citizenship test thrice need to wait for 2 years to attempt the citizenship test again. A person who is seeking for the citizenship of Australia need to demonstrate that he or she has integrated into the society of Australia by way of employment, joining clubs and enrolling their kids in schools. A new Australian Citizenship Test includes questions base on genital mutilation, child marriage and domestic violence but the government of Australia denies the citizenship test is targeted at Muslim Community.

The government has targeted this test at those persons who think that domestic violence is OK but it’s NOT OK. The immigration minister says that the multicultural society of Australian country is an example for the world, but it should reflect Australian values. He says that the nation is not defined by religion or culture or race, as many other countries are. Its’ defined by commitment to political values, common values, rule of law, mutual respect, freedom, democracy and equality for men and women.

The immigration minister says that “These are the fundamental values which make us Australian. So when a person looks in the mirror, when a citizen of Australia can look like an individual from any background, any race in the World, what they share are those values. And our process of Australian Citizenship should reflect that. The Australian government says that it will consult citizens on what test questions to ask so that they can assess the “values of Australia” of a prospective citizen.

The residency requirement conditions of the new Australian Citizenship 2018 will also be revised. Any applicant seeking for the citizenship of Australia has to be a resident of 4 years up at least from current 12 months. Those applicants with a family history of crime or violence must be barred from gaining Australian citizenship. Individuals applying for the Australian Citizenship in 2018 need to follow the New Australian Citizenship Test and requirements.

The current Australian citizenship test requires aspirants to answer about 20 multiple questions about the nations’ parliament, election, political structure and perfunctory duties of an Australian citizen. In order to pass the test, he or she must answer 75% questions correctly. The government said that the changes would apply for those individuals applying for the Citizenship of Australia on or after 20th February 2018, the day the Australian government has announced the citizenship law changes. These changes will be introduced in the parliament after receiving feedback during public consultation.