September 16, 2016

How to become an Australian Citizen

Once a person migrates to Australia, he/she may consider becoming an Australian Citizen. The citizenship of Australia formalizes an individuals’ membership of Australian community. Individuals who are living in Australia based on the Special Category Visa are not eligible for all the comforts available for the Australian citizens. Such persons are not eligible for benefits such as to receive common government assistance payments, to vote and other privileges that are available for the permanent residents and citizens of Australia. In this article, one can view the process of how to become an Australian citizen.

Individuals who wish to become an Australian citizen need to know all about Australia, its laws and several other things. One can become an Australian citizen in any of the three possible ways. These are citizens by birth, citizens by descent or citizens by grant. These three ways are discussed below:

  • By birth: An Individual in Australia can become an Australian citizen automatically if he or she is born in Australia, one or both the parents are the citizens of Australia or permanent residents of Australia.
  • By descent: If an individual is a child of the citizen of Australia but is born overseas then he or she will be granted the citizenship of the Australia generally. However, there are various rules that might be applied to the persons in this category. All those rules are mentioned in the Australian Citizenship Act, 2007.
  • By grant: People who are non-citizens of Australia can also apply to become the citizens of Australia. But, they need to meet various requirements that are discussed below:
    • A person who loves to be in Australia and who wants to become an Australian citizen needs to be a permanent resident of Australia.
    • Anyone who wants to become an Australia citizen needs to be above 16 years of age before the application of the Australian citizenship.
    • Individuals who wish to become an Australian Citizen need to have a good character.
    • People who are applying for the citizenship of Australia need to have a basic knowledge in English.
    • A person who want to become an Australian Citizen need to get an adequate knowledge of the privileges and responsibilities as a citizen of Australia.
    • Anyone who likely to be a resident in Australia, or to maintain a continuing or close association with it can also be granted the citizenship of Australia.
    • Individuals who have been lived as a lawful resident in Australia for a total of 4 years and where absent for the cumulative duration of about less than twelve months may not be a matter, including those 12 months as the permanent residents immediately preceding the application date where absences for a cumulative duration of even less than three months during this time period will not be a matter.

Individuals may have a doubt about the time taken for the process to become a citizen of Australia. Once an individual fills the application form of the Australian citizenship, the DIBP would aim to process the application form within 3 months. However, there is always a possibility of the backlog of applications of Australian citizenships and other delays.

Most of the individuals would like to become the citizens of Australia due to various key benefits. Individuals who come for a limit time period get attracted to the environment of the Australia. One may also get excited to become an Australian Citizen after knowing about the various benefits of the country provided by the government of Australia to the citizens of Australia. Some of the key benefits and others of becoming an Australian citizen are discussed below:

  • Australian citizens can vote in state and federal or territory elections and also in a referendum.
  • The citizens of Australia can apply for jobs to work with the Australian government services such as Australian Defense Force or the Australian Public Service.
  • The Australian citizens can seek election to the parliament.
  • The citizens of Australia can apply for the passport of Australia and freely re-enter the Australian country.
  • Individuals who are Australian citizens can get help from an official of the Australian government while being overseas.
  • If Australian citizens’ children are born overseas, then they can register them as the Australian citizens by descent.

Individuals who wish to become an Australian Citizen can follow these simple 4 steps:

  1. Individuals who want to become an Australian citizen need to apply for the permanent Residency visa, you may choose from one of those 18 visas which apply one of the 18 visas which apply to Newzealanders. Make a note that if a person who has lived in the country Australia prior to the year 1994 (when all the Newzealanders were granted permanent residency automatically), then he or she may be eligible for the Resident Return Visa.
  2. If an individual has submitted for the Australian Citizenship, then their Permanent Residency visa would take about 1 – 2 years approximately to process. Thus, it is worthwhile to get it started as early as possible.
  3. An individual who has been granted Permanent Residency, then he or she needs to be in Australia for an year at least as the permanent resident just before applying for the Australian Citizenship. In total, one needs to be residing in Australia on the valid Australian visa for about 4 years prior applying for the Australian citizenship, including that one year as the permanent resident in Australia. In that time the person must not be unavailable in Australia for over a year, including not more than ninety days in a year before applying for the citizenship.
  4. An individual after living in Australia for about 4 years totally, including one year as a permanent resident can apply for the Australian Citizenship. This process may take around 3 to 6 months.
    Individuals who want to become an Australian Citizen can also get help from the Professionals. For any individual applying for a permanent residency within Australia could be a daunting task. Thus, one would like to consider getting helps from the professionals using a migration agency services.