May 18, 2018

How to become an Australian Citizen

An individual who wishes to become an Australian citizen need to fulfill some requirements. This will not help him or her to become a resident or citizen of Australia but also provides you with significant rights above as an SCV. In addition to this, there is also a new pathway for the New Zealanders in 2018. The citizens of New Zealand have the right to live and work in Australia indefinitely. In case if anyone wants to reside in the Australian Country for a few years only, and later wants to return to New Zealand need to opt for the SCV (Special Category Visa). This SCV will be given on your arrival which would do well to gain most benefits on your stay.

Individuals who are intending to stay permanently in the Australian Country; it may be a very perfect idea to opt for becoming citizenship of Australia Country. It requires them to become the permanent residents of Australia first, and then you can become the citizens of Australian without losing the status of being the citizens of New Zealand. Although, the Special Category Visa helps the New Zealanders to live and work in the Australian Country indefinitely, but it is an unprotected and temporary visa. This means that, if a person with SCV gets sick or if he or she doesn’t work, then he or she will not be able to access any sickness or unemployment benefits.

If any of your family member or your child has a disability, then you won’t be entitled with the allowances like the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). You may even not be able to access study allowances or loans. One can even look for the bunch of good reasons which will help you to know why you need to become the permanent resident and citizen. In case if you have any problem or need any information you can contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The New Zealanders who live in Australian Country on the Special Category Visa need to face certain problems which are listed below:

  • If an individual is not at least the permanent resident in the Australian Country, then he or she cannot access any social security payments (including some types of payments which need them to be the Australian Citizen).
  • One cannot vote in the elections unless they become the citizen of Australia.
  • Individuals who wish to become the citizens of Australia need to become the permanent residents – which is a primary step.
  • A new pathway for the permanent residency which is known as the subclass 189 (NZ) visa, which is available to some of the citizens of New Zealand from 1st July 2007, but the person must have been arrived in the country Australia prior to February 19, 2016.

Permanent Residency: There are some key benefits for a person to become a Permanent resident Australia rather than residing in Australian country on the unprotected Special Category Visa. These include – qualifying for the citizenship of Australia, you need to become the permanent resident first and accessing sickness benefits and social security payments (an individual need to be aware that he or she needs to have a two year stand down period that usually applies though, even after they have been granted residency).

Permanent Residency Options for the New Zealanders: One need to know that not all the New Zealanders qualify for the permanent residency and citizenship of Australia, but you can check out for the list of options that are mentioned below which may apply for any individual.

The New Pathway to the Permanent Residency for the New Zealanders in 2017 – Subclass 189 (NZ): In 2016 February, a new pathway for the citizenship of Australia was announced for the New Zealanders who have shown a long –term contribution and commitment to Australia. Some of those key details have been mentioned below:

  • A new visa called – Skilled Independent (subclass 189) (New Zealand) stream was introduced.
  • This visa is for those New Zealanders who have arrived in the Australian country after 26th February 2001, but before or on 19th February 2016.
  • It is available for them from 1st July, 2017.
  • The applicants applying for the citizenship must have been residing in Australian Country for the past five years when they apply.
  • The applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria which include Good character, security checks and mandatory health checks.
  • Significantly, they have not created any age limit.
  • The applicant must have been getting salary over $53,900 every year in the 5 years prior to the date of application (However, there are a few exceptions for this vulnerable individuals, parental leave periods, etc – you can check for the income requirements).
  • The cost for per primary applicant includes AUD $3,600 with an additional AUD $1,800 for the couples. If the applicant has dependents, then the costs for per child under 18 includes AUD $ 900 and for per child per above 18 include AUD $ 1,800.

The Government of Australia has updated the information recently about the new options for the Special Category Visa holders. One can also know more about the visa subclass 189 (NZ), including the details and checklist of those steps that need to taken, along with links for online application.

Resident Return Visa: Individuals who have visited the Australian country before September 1st 1994 and have cleared are eligible for the RRV (Resident Return Visa), which reinstates the status of the former Permanent Resident. Some fo the key details of the Resident Return Visa includes the following:

  • The applicant need t have mandatory character, security and health checks.
  • It will cost approximately around AUD 360.

Other Permanent Residency Visas: Apart from the above mentioned 2 options, there are a wide range of other options of permanent residency visa that are currently available to the New Zealanders. One can check out for further options online.

Australian Citizen: Individuals who wish to become the Australian citizen need to have 12 months or more of permanent resident prior applying for the Australian Citizenship. Some of the key benefits of becoming the citizen of Australia include the following:

  • Vote in territory, state and federal elections and also in a referendum.
  • Seen election to the parliament.
  • Apply for work in the Australian Defense Force or in the Australian Public Service.
  • Apply for the passport of Australia and freely re-enter Australia.
  • Register children born outside Australian country as the citizens of Australia by descent.
  • Receive help for the Australian official while overseas.
  • Access student allowances and loans.

If any person have any doubt or query about how to become an Australian Citizen can contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.