September 16, 2016

How to Apply for Australian Citizenship

Australia is one place where most individuals love to go either for a job or for a degree. Once, any individual stays for a certain period of time, then he or she likes to settle in Australia. However, any individual who wish to settle in Australia needs to fulfill some requirements to get a citizenship of Australia. There are various ways for applying the citizenship of Australia. The process of application varies depending on the type of residency history and visa.

The Australian Citizenship applications options are discussed below on how to apply for the Australian Citizenship:

  • Australian citizenship
  • Australian citizenship by descent
  • Australian citizenship by adoption
  • Resuming the Australian citizenship
  • Evidence of Australian citizenship

Application options: There are various application options for becoming an Australian citizen. One can choose an option which suits him or her best for their situation.

  • A kid adopted outside the country Australia by the citizen of Australia
  • Kids under the age of 15 years or 15 years or an unaccompanied minor
  • A kid with the age group of 16 or 17
  • A kid born outside the country to a citizen of Australia
  • A kid of a former Australian citizen
  • Migrant with a permanent residence
  • Commonwealth Child Migration scheme arrival
  • A citizen of New Zealand living in Australia
  • Resume Australian citizenship
  • A person born in Papua even before independence in the year 1975
  • Refugee and the humanitarian entrants
  • Partner or spouse of an Australian citizen

One can also apply for the following:

  • Evidence of Australian citizenship
  • Renounce Australian citizenship
  • Confirmation of the status of the Australian citizenship of a deceased person

Permanent residents of Australia are encouraged for the application of the Australian citizenship particularly when they are eligible. The option which a person chooses to apply for the Australian citizenship may vary depending on his or her current circumstances.

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Australian Citizenship Application: One can receive an expert guidance with the help your application for the Australian Citizenship. The process of Australian Citizenship is complicated. One can get help by selecting the correct forms, choosing the appropriate eligibility category of the Australian Citizenship and completing the required complex application paperwork of Australian citizenship.

A person who finds difficulty while applying for the Australian Citizenship can get help from the Immigration Direct. They help you on how to apply for Australian Citizenship. One can quickly and accurately complete their application with the help of Immigration Direct. They provide their service and email support around 24/7. They also provide telephone support for customers from Monday to Friday around 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition, they also generate automatically all the forms which are needed for your application. If any individual wants the refunds, it will be issued back within 30 days. However, they may have some restrictions and exceptions applicable.

Refusal of the Australian Citizenship: If the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) refuses the application of the Australian Citizenship, then one has an equal right to point out and ask for the review of decision by Administrative Appeals Tribunal. In case if your Australian Citizenship application is refused by the DIBP, the notification letter would be advised to the applicant to lodge the application for review along with the time limits for the application.

One can read on to know more about the information that is provided in order to help an applicant to complete the Australian Citizenship Form and also guide them through the process of application. Note: It is important to read the information carefully and thoroughly before an applicant completes the application. Once an individual completes the application it is strongly advised that to take copy of your application for your records. There are ten steps in the application process of the Australian Citizenship.

Step 1: One needs to ensure that he or she meets the criteria of eligibility
Step 2: Applicants also need to check that he or she meets the permanent residence requirement.
Step 3: Applicant needs to prepare for the Australian Citizenship Test
Step 4: The applicant needs to collect all the original documents along with the certified copies
Step 5: The applicant needs to fill the Australian Citizenship Form completely
Step 6: The applicant needs to lodge the application of the Australian citizenship, certified copies of the documents along with correct fee amount
Step 7: The applicant needs to attend the appointment of the Australian citizenship – he or she needs to ensure that they bring all the original documents and proofs
Step 8: At the time of appointment, the applicant needs to sit at the Australian citizenship test
Step 9: The applicant needs to wait for the notification about the decision of the department
Step 10: Finally, he or she needs to attend the ceremony of the Australian citizenship and make a pledge

The applicant who has given an application for the Australian citizenship needs be in Australia. He or she needs to be in the country when the Australian department is making a decision about their Australian citizenship application except in certain cases or limited circumstances that is described in the residence requirement.
Individuals who are applying for the Australian Citizenship need to eligible for certain criteria. They need to have a protected Special Category Visa-holder or have been granted a permanent visa. They have been a resident of Australia for 4 continuous years immediately before applying for the Australian Citizenship, with at least the previous year as the permanent resident of Australia. One needs to check for all the requirements and eligibility criteria before applying for the Australian Citizenship. Thus, make sure to know on how to apply for Australian Citizenship.