May 18, 2018

English Test for Australian Citizenship

The test for the Australian Citizenship plays a valuable part in encouraging aspirants to find out and learn more about Australia. It also helps to understand the privileges and responsibilities being a citizen of Australia brings. You need to know about Australia and various other related things to pass the Australian Citizenship Test. You can get to know this through citizenship test resource book: Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. One can read on to know about English Test for Australian Citizenship and some of the mock test questions.

The Australian Citizenship Test is taken in English language. It consists of about twenty multiple choice questions. An applicant needs to answer at least 75 percent of answers correctly to pass the Citizenship Test. However, there isn’t any separate English language test for the applicants, but they need to have the basic knowledge of English like reading, listening, writing and speaking to pass the Australian Citizenship test. Before an aspirant sits for the test, he or she needs to apply for the Australian Citizenship. They need to have all the relevant documents and pass through eligibility criteria and residential requirement.

Individuals applying for the test also needs know more things that are related to the Australian Citizenship Test. There are various types of test for the citizenship of Australia which include the Standard test and the Assisted Test. You also need to know about the sitting the test, Help with the test – people with a disability, people with low computer skills, people with low levels of English literacy skills and support. You can read on to know more about these aspects in detail.

Types of Test:

  • The Standard Test: It is normally computer based test for a maximum of about 45 minutes of time given for the applicants to do the test. Individuals who haven’t used the computer before can be shown on how to use it. In case, if a computer is not available, then you may be asked to give the test on paper. The staff available during the test may assist the examinee by reading out aloud the test questions and optional answers if he or she has poor literacy or computer skills or if the examinee have a cognitive or physical impairment that prevents from the sitting the Australian Citizenship independently. All the applicants need to pass the Citizenship test of Australia to meet eligibility for receiving citizenship.
  • The Assisted Test: Similar to the Standard Test, this Assisted Test is also a normal computer based test. Though, you will be given a maximum of 90 minutes of times to complete the test. Applicants to gain eligibility for the Assisted Test need to have completed of about 400 hours of maximum of the English language tuition under the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program), and it must be assessed by the provider of AMEP. Because not having the reading skills in English language which is necessary for completing the test unassisted. Applicants are also eligible to sit for this Test if he or she has a cognitive impairment (whether permanent or temporary) that prevents the applicant to sit for the Standard Test along with the assistance. Still they need to pass the citizenship test to meet the citizenship requirements.
  • Sitting the Test: Most applicants pass the Australian Citizenship Test on the first or the second attempt. Failing the test does not affect either your ability to continue your stay in Australia or your permanent residence visa. Once you complete your test, then the computer will notify your result immediately whether you are passed or failed. If you have failed, you will be asked to sit for citizenship again. If possible, they will allow you to sit for the test again on that same day. Alternatively, one can re-book for another appointment for the test, particularly if you need more time to get prepare. You need not have to pay extra amount to re-sit for the test. In case, if you attempt a paper test, then the results are not given immediately. Individuals who do not obey the rules of the test will be ordered to move out of the test and have to give the test again. They do not offer child care facilities at the citizenship test centers, thus you need to make your own arrangement for your child care while you go for the test.

Help with the Test:
Examinee will not be allowed to refer to the test resource book or to study aids during your test. You cannot talk with the other members during the test but can consult with the administrator during the test for any query.
People with a disability:
A person who has a minor disability which cannot be supported with the specialist medical evidence need to sit for the test. For individuals whose disability includes unable to use the mouse of the computer or read from the computer screen, the staff will help you with assistance of the system to complete your test. If this applies for the applicants, then you need to attach a note with the application form requesting for the assistance to sit for the Standard Test. You can contact the department for further information about the test.
People with Low Computer Skills:
The department has made sure that applicants need to be able to read and speak Basic English for completing the Standard Citizenship Test without assistance. Earlier, the staff used to provide assistance by reading the questions and optional answers to the examinee that had problem with reading in the language English. The Assisted Test will also be made available for the eligible applicants who need to have completed about 400 hours of maximum tuition classes in English language under the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program). They also need to be assessed by the provider of AMEP as not having the reading skills in English Language that is necessary to complete the Australian Citizenship Test unassisted.
Applicants need not have to pay any extra fee to sit for the Australian Citizenship Test. However, you need to pay the fee to lodge the application for the Australian Citizenship.
Accessibility: The staff always tries to make the test system more user-friendly for all regardless of your background or ability, by providing information for all in multiple formats or by following the worldwide web standards. They are also working for complying with the Level AA of WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.0, a technical standard that describes on how to make the web content more accessible and usable for everyone.
Support: Individuals having any issues accessing services or information on the test system of the Australian Citizenship during the test or for any request for the assistance can speak with the Administration of the Australian Citizenship Test in attendance at the test.