July 20, 2017

Australian Food

Australian cuisine has come a long way since its simple British roots. A reflection of the country’s diverse population – modern Australian cooking has a strong blend of Asian, Greek, and Italian culinary influences.

Aussie food has traversed a long and multicultural journey:

Historically, Aussie food was based on traditional British cooking brought to the country by its first settlers. This generally consisted of pies, roasted cuts of meat, grilled steak and chops, chicken and other forms of meat generally accompanied by vegetables (the combination known colloquially as “meat and three veg”).
These origins have been taken over by the growing multicultural inclination of Aussie culture over the last forty to fifty years, and are now influenced by a variety of Mediterranean and Asian immigrant foods.

What’s well-known about Australian food?
Australia is well known for its fresh ingredients such as seafood, local fruits, beef and lamb, as well as its world-class cheeses.

Like in Italy and France, Australia can be divided into regions that are known for particular produce such as King Island cream, Sydney rock oysters, Bowen mangoes, Coffin Bay scallops, Tasmanian salmon, and Illabo milk-fed lamb. Each state has its recognized specialties, which travelers must try out.

And not to forget the native cuisine called ‘bush tucker’, which involves traditional diets such as flour and water cooked in campfire coals to make bread called damper, billy tea, and local animals’ meat.

Some unique Australian foods:
Probably the best-known Australian food is Vegemite. Similar to the Britain’s Marmite, it is a strong tasting, yeast extract spread, common in sandwiches or on toast. It is considered an iconic Australian grub but mostly liked by people brought up on it.

Other unique national foods are:-
Chiko Roll, Violet Crumble, Jaffas, Tim Tams; and new to the scene are Wattleseed and lemon Myrtle sprinkle. Australians also enjoy their Meat pie, which are pies made with beef and gravy. Damper is a traditional type of bread.

A few Australian favourite foods:
Among the many, Vegemite, lamingtons, and Arnott’s biscuits have won the allegiance of most Australians.

Vegemite symbolizes Australia. When in Australia, you must try out this healthy and delicious bread spread. It is one of the richest sources of Vitamin B and a great cure for mouth ulcers!

Lamingtons are small squares of sponge cake that is carefully covered with chocolate icing and sprinkled with desiccated coconut.

In the early days, lamingtons were made with white sponge cake with a centre of strawberry or raspberry jam. However, Lamingtons are mostly made without jam or with just fresh whipped cream instead.

Modern Aussie Food:
Modern Australian food involves the mixing of completely different ethnic traditions.
Strong Asian flavours such as lemon grass, coriander, chilli, and cardamom is blended into many European dishes.

Similarly, a modern Asian cooking has emerged as Asian chefs alternate traditional ingredients with extraordinary local ones such as barramundi in a Thai green curry.

Why not try the tandoori marinated buffalo fillet with curried spinach, a roasted pear and saffron polenta – a complete blend of Indian and European technique and ingredients. Now that’s what you call modern Australian cooking