September 19, 2016

Australian Dual Citizenship

Dual citizens who need passports must acquire passports separately for countries individually of which they have the citizenship. For an individual who is seeking the European Passport –this term is misnomer. The passports have been issues by Member States of European Union themselves. However, there is a format which is common for their passports. EU member ordinary state passports are in burgundy-red color which has the words ‘European Union’ that is written in the different national languages or language.

Individuals who want to acquire the passport from the other country need to contact the nearest consulate or embassy of that country. They can also contact the relevant passport authority of that country. A dual citizenship or multiple citizenship is the information on holding the citizenship of 2 or more countries in case if the law of both the countries allow. Automatically, one can be dual citizens or just after being granted the citizenship by another country.

Australian Dual Citizenship is available now. A citizen of Australia can now automatically gain the citizenship of the other country through marriage. While a resident who has been living permanently in Australia can also get a dual citizenship by getting an Australian citizenship. Prior to 4th April 2002, the citizens of Australia who became citizens of other country lost their citizenship of Australia automatically.

The government of Australia has changes its legislation on the Australian Dual Citizenship on 4th April 2002. Prior to this date, the citizens of Australia who has acquired the citizenship intentionally of other country have automatically lost their citizenship of Australia. The government of Australia has changes its legislation following a report of the expert advisory committee. As of 4th April 2002, they have made it permissible for the citizens of Australia to acquire another country citizenship without even losing the citizenship of Australia in the process.

The Council of the Australian Citizenship has made this decision based on a careful deliberation, which examined the contemporary issues in the policy of the Australian citizenship and through an extensive public consultation. The change in the legislation of the Australian Citizenship brought Australia in the line with several other comparable nations, including the United States, France, Italy, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Thus, individuals who wish to become Australian Citizenship can do so. They can also get Australian Dual Citizenship. However, they need to fulfill all the requirements and the eligibility criteria which needed to get Australian Dual Citizenship.

Now, while the Australian government recognizes the dual citizenship, still there are many nations which do not encourage their citizens to carry an additional citizenship of other country. For example, a citizen being have citizenship of one country cannot hold the citizenship of foreign country, which is referred to as Dual Citizenship. This is a citizenship law which is a long standing principle that the citizenship of the state is bestowed by that state. Thus, in this country, a citizen cannot use another citizenship of other country. Hence, arrangement that made by the government that allow for the multiple citizenships or not are just a matter for that state concerned.

The citizens of Australia who want to hold the dual citizenship or multiple citizenship (either for their kids or for themselves) must assure themselves that laws of relevant foreign nations permit the multiple citizenship through contacting the concerned governments of the countries. The citizens of Australia with kids born overseas may want to apply to get the Australian Citizenship by descent for their kids. In such case, one must take care to make sure that during the process they may not have the loss of the other citizenships which a kid might already hold.

The Australian Migration Institute says an individual needs to be informed fully about the advantages of dual citizenship and disadvantages of dual citizenship. Being a citizen of both nations bring many advantages, such as access to 2 social security systems, protection of 2 governments and better-paying jobs. However, there are many pitfalls.

The Australian Border Force gives information on the requirements of documentary for the entry of Australia and departure from Australia. In general, they state that: “A citizen of Australia one must always enter Australia and leave Australia on the Australian passport. In case, if that individual has a passport from the other country then he or she can use that passport to travel outside the Australian country.

The world attitudes and environment have considerably changed since Hague Convention has been signed by the Australian country, especially over the past 10 – 15 years. There has been a vast greater mobility of individuals and an increased incidence of persons living and working in the foreign nations for an extended period. Like others, Australians, are often required for acquiring citizenship overseas. For example, in order to reside with citizen spouses of non-Australians and to obtain employment.

However, there is a greater acceptance in this modern and international world, that a person can be a citizen of more than one nation and meet duties satisfactorily as a citizen in relation to one other. There has been a greater acceptance that getting dual citizenship has not done much harm for the countries. The benefits of the dual citizenship for a person extend beyond an individuals’ concerned. The passports and dual citizenship makes it is easier for that person to travel between countries for employment, business, cultural and social purposes.

The government of Australia has resisted dual citizenship in the past, because of a country that the citizenship reflects an individual’s commitment and allegiance to the nation. Perhaps to allay concerns about the incorporation of a many numbers of immigrants from an increasingly diverse sources. However, the government of Australia has had no power in affecting the laws of citizenship, or their administration. In any circumstances, individuals who wish to acquire the Australian Dual Citizenship need to get all the required information, about the advantages of getting Australian Dual Citizenship and the disadvantage of the Australian Dual Citizenship and much more.