May 14, 2018

Australian Citizenship Process

Australian Government is really very flexible in accepting people from various parts of the globe to its country. Anyone can travel to the Australian Country to do job, as a tourist, to attend seminars or business meetings, to study or for any legal work. But, while visiting the country Australia repeatedly, you may wish to take up the Australian Citizenship. Now, this is possible without any problem. Any individual can start the Australian Citizenship Process by knowing the step by procedure. Read on to know more about the detailed step by step procedure for applying the Australian Citizenship.

Steps in Australian Citizenship Process
There are few steps for the application of citizenship in the Australian Country. It is mandatory for every individual to go through the process so that the procedure for the Australian Citizenship Application doesn’t have any flaws. This process has few steps which include Determination of Eligibility, Meet Residence Requirement, Get Informed through the Resource Book and Gathering Original Documents.

Step 1 – Determination of Eligibility: It is really very important for any applicant to know whether he or she is actually eligible for the citizenship of Australia. The applicant needs to fulfill the residence requirement. He or she must be a migrant of Australian Country and must have been acquired permanent residence by the Law of Australia. Those who are willing to set up the permanent residence in the Australian Country, they need to satisfy the residence eligibility. He or she must have an age above Eighteen years and must be of good character. They must have committed neither any crime nor any illegal act nor been in any conflict.

Step 2 – Meet Residence Requirement: An applicant who is going for the application of the Australian Citizenship need to show the residence proof as it a mandatory. He or she must reside in the Australian Country for a certain time period before applying the Australian Citizenship. The applicant needs to have a valid Visa of Australia for a period of 4 years before applying for the citizenship of Australian Country.

Step 3 – Get Informed through Resource Book: The Resource Book contains each and every minute fact in regards with the Australian Citizenship. However, it is mandatory for all the applicants and citizens to read it very well and understand what are the demands of the Australian Country from its citizens. The applicant will get all the information regarding the Australian Citizenship test, schedule, interview process and much more which he or she needs to clear before getting admission as a citizen or a resident of Australian Country.

Step 4 – Gathering Original Documents: Australian Country authority will want to view all the documents of the applicant such as the identification proof, qualification certificates, residence proof, evidence to see whether the applicant had any conviction, proof of income, passport and visa, etc., You need to provide all these original documents while going for the interview, then they will surely accept your Australian Citizenship Application.
An applicant needs to sit for the Australian Citizenship Test and pass out. Then, go for the interview process with all the original documents. Once you clear all these (Australian Citizenship Test and Interview Process) you will be notified from the Australian Government about your pass out. Then, you need to take the Australian Citizenship Oath and attend the Australian Citizenship ceremony.

Once you become the Citizen of Australian Country, you may be able to feel and call Australia as your home. Then, you can even enjoy all the privileges that are available for the Citizens of Australia. You will be given the same priority as the citizens who are born and brought up in the Australian Country. You need to be responsible and fulfill all the requirements as a citizen of Australia that is made by the law of Australian Government. Through the Australian Citizenship, a citizen will be able to be in a state to receive enormous rewards. You can even be a part of a unique national community after you go for the Australian Citizenship process.

Australian Government has made it more difficult for the applicants to gain citizenship of Australia in a major overhaul of the Australian Citizenship migration process.
An applicant needs to undergo more stringent and tougher test on the ability to demonstrate the Australian Values and on their skills in English Language involving writing, speaking, listening and reading.
The aspiring citizen of Australia must have completed 4 years as the permanent resident in Australia – 3 years more than at present.

The changes would ensure that all the migrants are better integrated into the Australian Community. Providing evidence of the integration into the Australian Community, such as school enrollment, employment history or membership of the Australian Community Organizations.

Allowing the applicants to apply only 3 times, and failing them automatically if he or she cheats on the test.
The move comes 2 days after the government unveiled stricter visa requirements for the skilled workers from other country or overseas.

The government of Australia also focuses on the citizens to understand that they are committed to the Australian values.
Migrants need to demonstrate support for gender equality and religious freedom.

“Respect for Women and Children” – is a key for the Australian Value and domestic violence will not tolerated.
It is important to reinforce the values of Australia and the applicants will be quizzed on whether he or she will support forced female genital mutilation or child marriage.

All the requirements are applied for all the new applicants of the Australian Citizenship Process.
The Government would replace the controversial visa scheme for making it even harder for the foreign nationals to work within Australian Country.

In case if you have any problem in applying for the process of Australian Citizenship, you can go to the Official website of Australian immigration direct and browse on to know more. You can even go to the nearest immigration office of Australia and find out more detailed information and solve your query.