September 19, 2016

Australian Citizenship Interview

Once an individual gets acceptance of the Australian Citizenship Application Process, each of the applicant who have applied for the Australian Citizenship would be invited for an interview. For any applicant, it is really important very important for satisfying the documentation process before attending for interview. The questions asked in the Australian Citizenship are really easy for any individual if they have followed the study book Australian Citizenship – Our Common Bond. One may get all the necessary information about responsibilities and duties of a person as the citizen of Australia.

An individual who is going for the Australian Citizenship Interview needs to know about the importance of the interview of Australian Citizenship. There is an easy and simple process for any individual to get approved by the Australian Citizenship. One among the processes in the application of the Australian Citizenship is answering the questions in the Australian Citizenship Interview. It is really very important for a person to clear the Australian Citizenship Interview that is conducted at Australian Department Bureau. The Department of Citizenship and immigration service is a place where a person can get all the information and formalities easily starting from the Passport, Visa and other required information to enter different nation. The questions asked in the Australian Citizenship Interview at the Immigration Office may appear to be really difficult. However, one needs to get well prepared with the help of the study book before attending the Interview of the Australian Citizenship.

Individuals who are going for the Australian Citizenship Interview needs to know about the things (documents or proofs) to carry for the Interview of the Australian Citizenship. No one would be allowed to proceed at the interview venue if the applicant does not carry the sufficient documents that are necessary and which are asked at the Australian Citizenship Interview. Individuals who are attending the interview of the Australian Citizenship need to produce sufficient proofs and documents as it is really very important while attending the interview for the Australian Citizenship. Some of the important documents which an applicant necessarily needs to carry are listed below:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Passport size photo duly attested and authorized by an individual who knows the person for a time period of 2 years.

Individuals who going for the Australian Citizenship Interview needs to know about the questions asked in the interview. One needs to have an idea and also know about the lessons and syllabus that are going to be mentioned for the Australian Citizenship test. A good student may always want to be well prepared before going for an examination or test. Similarly, if an individual has an objective of getting the Australian Citizenship, preparation through mock test is really very important. They may also ask you about your personal and professional details along with the family background. You may also be asked about your marital status and children you have. The interviewer will ask some general questions and then follow with some technical questions. They may also ask you about the duties of individuals and several other things about the citizen of Australia.

One can also know about the objective of the Australian Citizenship Interview which has been discussed below:

  • To ensure that an individual gets to understand about the nature of the Australian Citizenship application, For example, one can understand the impacts and benefits of becoming a citizen of Australia.
  • To confirm that the information and data that has been provided in the application form of the Australian Citizenship are true, For example, the office of the Immigration Department will compare the information on the passport with the data that the applicant has given on the Australian Citizenship application form
  • To confirm that the original documents and proofs match the copies scanned that is provided during the submission of the Australian Citizenship application. One needs to remember that if you have applied online then you must have to scan all the necessary documents and proofs, later you have to bring all the original documents and proofs to the appointment of the Australian Citizenship.
  • To make sure that an individual is eligible for the citizenship of Australia, for example, that a person fulfills all the requirements that are necessary to become a citizen of Australia.
    Individuals who have applied the Australian Citizenship online need to provide their up to date photo. In case is you forgot to take one with you or if you don’t have it with you, then the Immigration Officer at the Interview will take the photograph of yours.

An Appointment for the Australian Citizenship is the compulsory portion of the application of Australian Citizenship. Basically, it consists of 2 parts, firstly an interview with an officer of the Immigration (Australian Citizenship Interview) and the test of knowledge about the country Australia (Australian Citizenship Test).
One can also get to know about the location of the Australian Citizenship Interview. Once your application of the Australian Citizenship has been reviewed you will get an official letter of invitation by the DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship). In this official invitation letter you will get to know about the date, time and location of the Australian Citizenship Interview and the Australian Citizenship Test. Most likely, the interview would be taken at one of the offices of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship which will be close to the applicant home location. One can simply use the internet to browse on the Test Center Locator to find the nearest DIAC office.

Individuals who are going for the Australian Citizenship Interview may be worried about the type of questions asked in the test. However, one needs to have a basic knowledge of the language English and also understand about the responsibilities and privileges of the citizenship of Australia. One simply needs to read or watch the study book – “Our Common bond”. This will help for any applicant to easily pass through the Australian Citizenship Interview test as it has all the information about the country Australia.