April 26, 2018

Australian Citizenship Cost

Australian Citizenship application fee will vary depending on an applicant’s eligibility and on the type of the form he or she chooses to apply. In certain cases, an applicant may be able to apply for the fee exemption or concession. One of the preferred payment methods of Australian citizenship fees is by Credit card. One can read on more to know about the cost of the Australian Citizenship application, how to pay for your application and for the related surcharges.

An applicant can apply for the Australian citizenship and Visa online through Immiaccount. Once, applicants lodge the application they can make their payment online. They will ensure that all the applications and payments are received by them in a timely manner. They also have their Service Delivery Partners in place outside the Australian country who will accept the forms and payments of Australian Citizenship Application. The Australian Citizenship Cost may also vary depending on the type of mode of payment and place.

SURCHARGE: Individuals who pay for their citizenship, nomination or sponsorship fees or visa application charges by credit card need to provide an extra fee or surcharge. The surcharge is the percentage of the cost being paid, that is based on the card type which is being used for the payment. The surcharge is calculated at the time of payment. The applicant may be asked to check out the total before finalizing the payment. Some of the current surcharges for various types of cards include the following:
Visa and Master Card (also includes Debit MasterCard or Debit Visa) – 0.98%
American Express and JCB – 1.4%
Diners Club – 1.99%

DECLINED PAYMENT: Payment of the Australian Citizenship Cost to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection by PayPal or Credit Card will appear as the Australian dollar transaction paid to the Australian organization. An applicant need to ask the bank for an approval of the payment to the Department before you submit the application. Regulations in your country or systems at the bank may decline the genuine payment because of any of the following reasons:

  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is outside the border of your country.
  • Your nation limits the total amount that could be paid from the applicant’s account and the Australian Citizenship Application fee is greater than that limit.
  • The payment is unusual compared to the account holders spending pattern

If an applicant contacts the bank before he or she pays, the bank must be able to help with the payment. Failure of this may result in the payment being declined. This will make your application invalid.
PAYMENT FOR ONLINE APPLICATIONS: All the applications and services online are charged in dollars in Australia. Some of the acceptable payment methods of the Australian Citizenship application fee are the following:

  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • VISA
  • Diners Club
  • Pre-paid credit cards
  • JCB
  • PayPal
  • BPAY

When paying in the Australian dollars one may incur the banking and currency conversion fees and the applicant need to accept every risk that is associated with the currency fluctuations. An applicant who is using the credit card or PayPal for the transactions need to accept the surcharge associated with it.

PAYING FOR APPLICATIONS LODGED IN AUSTRALIA: Some of the acceptable payments methods are MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, PayPal, Pre-paid credit cards, bank cheque (payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection), Australia Post only money order, that is made payable to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

In case if the applicant is outside Australian country and lodging an Australian Citizenship application, then he or she can check the official website of the applicant’s nearest available immigration office outside the Australian country for acceptable payments methods.

Individuals applying for various Form types can follow different types of application which include the following:

  • Form 1300t: A citizen applying for Australian Citizenship with the Form 1300t can make use of this type of application which includes under general eligibility category with a fee of $285, Concession fee of $40 and Children under 16 years of age applying on the same form as a parent need not have pay any fee.
  • Form 1290: If you are applying for Australian Citizenship with Form 1290 with other situations (need not have to sit for the test) but need to pay $180 fee, with a Concession Fee of $20 (check fee concessions and exemptions) and Kids under 16 years of age applying on the same form as the parent need not have pay any fee.
  • Form 119: An individual applying for the Australian Citizenship with the Form 119 need to pay $190 as an evidence of Australian Citizenship. He or she need not have to pay any amount as fee exemption and can find out about eh fee exemption.
  • Form 132: Individuals applying for the Australian Citizenship with Form 132 as Resuming Australian Citizenship need to pay a total of $ 210.
  • Form 118: If you are applying with the Form 118 for the Australian Citizenship, then you need to pay $230 for Australian Citizenship by descent and $95 for second and subsequent siblings applying at the same period of time.
  • Form 1272: A citizen applying for the Australian Citizenship with the Form 1272, need to pay a total of $ 230 as adopted under bilateral arrangements or full Hague Convention. You also need to pay around $ 95 for second and subsequent sibling applying at the same time.
  • Form 128: Individuals applying with the Form 128 for the Australian Citizenship with Renunciation of Australian Citizenship need to pay $205.

The above article may have helped you to know about the Australian Citizenship Cost. In case if you have any query or want to know further information, then you can go the Australian Citizenship Immigration Office or the official website to know more. They help you to resolve your problem and provide you best information.