September 19, 2016

Australian Citizenship by Marriage

If your spouse is a citizen of Australia, or if you are the surviving partner or spouse of the Australian Citizen, then you must still need to meet the requirements of an eligible citizen to become a citizen of Australia. Australian Citizenship by Marriage requires an individual to have few aspects such has Eligibility criteria, Documents, Apply, Appointment, Ceremony and some other requirements.

Eligibility: One needs be a permanent resident of Australia, meet the requirement of residence, need to have a good character and also meet the other requirements to become a citizen of Australia.

Documents: Individuals who wish to be a citizen of Australia needs to have various documents which prove that you are eligible as an Australian Citizen. These include the character documents, identity documents, supporting documents and more.

Apply: A Citizen who is going for the application of the Australian citizen needs to pay the fee before applying. The application will be assessed and advised to you when it is completed.

Appointment: A citizen who has applied for the Australian Citizenship will be invited for an appointment by the authority to have an interview or for the citizenship test.

Ceremony: Individuals who are preparing for the Australian Citizenship finally need to make the commitment pledge at the Australian citizenship ceremony after they receive the invitation.

Fees: The Australian Citizenship application fee is AUD 285 unless if an individual is eligible for any concession.
A person can get the proof of getting the Australian Citizenship by Marriage. One might be a foreigner who has been residing outside the country Australia but has a wish to get the Citizenship of Australia. At the same time, a person can find an eligible candidate from the Australian country who can be you perfect partner and can marry you. Automatically, you could be the citizen of Australia. One of the most popular ways is the Australian Citizenship by Marriage through which a person can get the citizenship of Australia without much complication. In case, if your partner or spouse is the citizen of Australia, then one may become the citizen of that particular nation easily.
If an individual is in the Migration program of Australia, Visas for couple or partner are one of the portions of the Australian Migration Program. Spouses as well as the future marriage would be sponsored by the citizens of Australia or the legal residents of the Australia Country through the Australian Migration Program. Even the law and the government have made this process a flexible one for those couples with the same sex.

Australian Citizenship through Marriage also needs to meet the Eligibility criteria. For any individual, it is not an easy task to get the Australian Citizenship automatically after he or she gets married with the citizen of Australia. It is important for a person to abide certain eligibility criteria or the rules to get the sponsorship for the Australian Citizenship by Marriage. After you get married in Australia, the person who wants to get the citizenship of Australia needs to provide proof of their marriage and the proof which shows that both the partners are residing in a same residence together. There is a positive thing of this kind of Australian Citizenship. If an individual has- got the Visa from the Immigration Department of Australia and stay along with your spouse in Australia for a period of 2 years continuously, then the Visa which he or she has adopted would be converted into the permanent residency visa automatically.

If a person has been residing in the same home without any interruption, then he or she would be accepted as the sponsored immigrant’s of the country origin. One can also get to know and the Visa is also a proof that the marriage particularly between them is lawful. One would definitely get the acknowledgement from the Australian government law. Australian Citizenship by Marriage is the wonderful way for creating and maintaining love relationship into the status of lifetime citizenship. If a person is willing to marry the Australian national, then the citizenship could be adopted easily in that particular situation. One can also speak to an officer of the immigration to know more details about the process.

Individuals who get engaged to the citizen or permanent resident if Australia, then they can enter Australia on the Prospective Marriage Visa with Subclass 130 and can marry your intended. A person who has been engaged to the eligible citizen of New Zealand can also come to the country Australia on the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 130). In case, if a person enters the country Australia on the Fiancé visa, then he or he must marry their partner or spouse within 9 months.

However, for any person it is very important to make a note that the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 130) is the temporary and non-immigrant visa. This means that he or she has not been given the permanent resident status of Australia. To become the permanent resident of Australia, one needs to marry the citizen of Australia, eligible partner or permanent resident of New Zealand citizen.

Once an individual enter Australia and marries their partner or spouse, then you might apply for the Partner Visa in Australia. The Partner Visa is the permanent resident visa.

One may also want to know on how to marry in Australia. If an individual comes to Australia on the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 130), then he or she would need to marry their partner within 9 months of their arrival in Australia. For a person to be eligible for the partner visa of permanent resident after he or she is married, then the ceremony of marriage need to properly conduct according to the law of Australian government and you need to register the marriage. One can follow the below mentioned step to get married officially as recognized by the government of Australia.

  1. One needs to have an authorized marriage celebrant who can conduct the marriage ceremony.
  2. Your marriage, the place where you get married needs to get registered at the registering authority.
  3. You also need to apply for the certificate of marriage at registering authority in that place where you have been married.

You can also apply for the Partner Visa before the Fiancé Visa expires. Individuals who have any doubt about the Australian Citizenship by Marriage can read on to know more online.