September 19, 2016

Australian Citizenship Application Form

Once an individual has been confirmed to be eligible for the citizenship of Australia then it is the time for him or her to go the website of department and lodge an application form online. But, make sure that you have all the required documents which are a necessary before lodging. Anyone needs to check and attach all the essential documents that are a must and needed to be attached with the Australian Citizenship Application Form before lodging. In case, if you any of the crucial documents is missing then you may not be eligible for the online application and you have to lodge for the paper application.

A person who wants to become an Australian Citizen needs to have some crucial documents and that must be attached with the application. The kinds of documents that need to be attached are discussed below:

  1. Identity Proof Documents: Individuals who are willing to apply for the Australian Citizenship Form need to have original documents of ID proof which are discussed below:
    • One needs to have 3 original documents which collectively show a persons’ birth name, date of birth, gender, photograph, current residential address and signature. (These documents may be necessary dependant on a particular situation: A National identity car, UNHCR document, A passport, An Australian driver’s license; some other documents containing photograph and a signature such as: student car, military identity document, seafarer identity document, an air crew identity document; a utilities notice or document such as a full birth certificate, water bill or gas bill or electricity bill, rates notice or rental contracts, your country’s equivalent, any evidence of links between the previous and the present names, for example if applicable a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate, documents with a change of name from the Registry of Births of Australia, Marriages and Deaths (if applicable), documents that shows other names which you or your kids have been known by).
    • If applicable, one also needs to submit the document of change of name proof.
    • Declaration of identity (Form 1195) completed by an individual with an appropriate authority.
    • Evidence of arrival in the country Australia (any travel documents or a passport).
  2. Good character documents: One needs to provide the penal clearance certificates from all the countries, since the grant of the permanent Australian visa: one has traveled or lived overseas since 18 years of age or above. In addition to this, the total time being abroad that is added up to 1 year or more, along with the time which anyone has been in any other country was more than 3 months, or the department asks you in order to do so. If any individual is applying outside Australia, then you need to consider Australia as an overseas country.
  3. Some other supporting documents that needs to be attached with the Australian Citizenship Application Form include the following:
    • Evidence of residence – for British and New Zealand migrants only
    • Evidence of the special residence requirement
    • Evidence for concessions, discretions and exemptions
    • Documents that are related to kids if needed in the Australian Citizenship application.

If an individual who has collected all the required necessary documents and proof, then now it is the time for determining if he or she can lodge the Australian Citizenship application online or if needed to send through a paper form.

Any individual is eligible for proceeding with the online Australian Citizenship Application Form unless he or she does the following:

  • Apply for a concession or exemption of a fee
  • Part of the Defense Force of Australia
  • A Stateless person
  • Do not hold the passport
  • Since 1990 July he or she has not travel inside and outside of Australia

In the above circumstances, paper application is the only one allowed.

One needs to create very own account of IMMI even before lodging the real online Australian Citizenship Application Form. Once he or she gets their account login, then choose the Australian Citizenship Application Form and follows all the prompts. Finally, the applicants are requested to attach the relevant documents and proofs and pay the fee. The applicants of the Australian Citizenship have to show their original documents and proofs during their visit to the Australian department for the Australian Citizenship Test.

Australian Citizenship Fees: An individual who is going for the Australian Citizenship Application needs to pay a fee unless they are exempt. Unless a citizen is eligible for a concession then it’s going to cost him or her about $ 285 as per February 2016, it may change – it is best to check at the Australian Departments’ website. In general, the fee for a concession is about $ 40 and it does apply to pensioners, kids under the age of 16 years (if it is included in the application of parents) stateless persons and persons who are served in the Australian Army do not pay a dime.

Application Forms for Australian Citizenship: Individuals who wish to apply for the Australian Citizenship need to be a permanent resident of Australia. There are 2 different forms of applications which one can use to apply for the Australian Citizenship. In order to determine the type of form which anyone can use to choose the situation below which suits best for any individuals:

  1. General Application (Form 1300t): Individuals who are 18 years or older and under the age group of 60 years can use the 1300t form. This 1300t form is available as an online application and also as a paper form.
  2. Special Circumstances and Other Situations (Form 1290t): Individuals who are under the age of 18 years or above the age of 60 years can use the Australian Citizenship Form 1290. This 1290 form is available both as a paper form and can also apply it by filling online.
    One can also use the 1290 form in the below mentioned special circumstances:

    • Individuals who suffer from a loss of hearing, sight, speech or a substantial impairment
    • Individuals who could show specialist medical evidence of enduring or permanent mental or physical incapacity which means that they are not able to:
      • Understand the nature of the application
      • Demonstrate the basic knowledge of the Language English or
      • Demonstrate an adequate Australian knowledge and the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.