July 26, 2017

Arajilla Retreat

Come drown yourself in a serene paradise, nestled between luxuriant mountain pastures and the crystal blue waters of Old Settlement Beach on Lord Howe island. With a limit of 400 visitors on the Island at any one time, you are guaranteed a crowd free and carefree lifestyle.

At the secluded northern end of Lord Howe island.

How to get there:
A flight of less than two hours from Sydney or Brisbane, and you’ll get a glimpse of mountain peaks, skyscraping above the serenity of the western lagoon.

What’s unique about Arajilla Retreat?

The natural beauty of the island is breath-taking – crags and inlets carve out private beaches where you won’t see another soul all day. The air is fresh, salty and clean.
It’s a place of amazing contrasts. Volcanic peaks and deep rainforests smooth, foamy surf and tranquil lagoons. Exotic diving birds!!!! Scenic bush trails and secluded fishing coves – nothing less than paradise personified.

What type of accommodation?

– Arajilla’s pleasant setting, luxury suites and superb dining provide the wonderful base from which to enjoy everything Lord Howe has to offer.

– Situated in a forest of banyan trees & kentia palms, there are twelve exclusive units, each with their own private decks, separate living areas, kitchens and private facilities – everything here exudes comfort and luxury.

– Pathways wind through the resort connecting the suites and family units to the barbecue areas, the lagoon and the restaurant.

– Yoga classes are held for complete invigoration; and there is also a spa which offers massage and beauty therapies to the guests.

Arajilla activities include:

There is an amazing array of activities on Lord Howe Island, out of which you are free to do as much, or as little as you want.
– Surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling
– Light fishing on the Lagoon
– Reef walking
– Hand feeding fish
– Bird watching a great variety of exquisite island seabirds
– Golf on a 9 hole Ocean View course
– Bike riding
– Mountain climbing
– Bush Walking
– Glass bottom boat trips
– Round the island cruises
– North bay tours and picnics

Just offshore, there is a coral reef which enfolds a turquoise lagoon some six kilometres long. Snorkelling and scuba diving here is like being in a tropical fish tank with more species of fish than you can possibly count.
Arajilla – A retreat in true sense!!

Arajilla retreat fulfils its promise of total relaxation and fun – a place where you can rest your mind, body and soul, where you can isolate yourself from the busy rattle of everyday life with facilities to rejuvenate. There is a limit of 400 guests at a time on the island.

Here every guest enjoys the very essence and mystic nature of the Island.