September 3, 2016

Applying for Australian Citizenship Test

Applying for Australian Citizenship Test may vary depending on the residency history and visa. There are various ways for applying the Australian Citizenship Test. One can check out for various options for applying the Australian Citizenship Test that are listed below:

  • Australian citizenship
  • Australian citizenship by adoption
  • Australian citizenship by descent
  • Evidence of Australian citizenship
  • Resuming your Australian citizenship

Australian Government is really flexible for accepting people from around different regions all over the world to its country Australia. An individual can travel to this country Australia for job, to study, as a tourist or for attending some seminars or important business meetings. But, while repeatedly visiting a particular nation may cause an individual to make up their mind for becoming the citizenship of that nation. Now, it is very easy for any individual to apply for the Australian Citizenship Test.

Australian Citizenship Test application has certain steps which are discussed below in this article. It is mandatory for every individual to follow these application steps so that the procedure for the application of the Australian citizenship may not have any flaws.

Step 1 – Determination of eligibility
It is really very important to know whether a person is eligible for citizenship. One needs to satisfy the requirement of the residence. He/she needs to have acquired a permanent residence by law in the country Australia and must be a migrant. Individuals who are willing to get settled up in Australia with a continuous residency are those persons who have fulfilled eligibility to become a citizen of Australia. He/she must have a good character and have an age above eighteen years.

Step 2 – Meet residence requirement
Individuals who would like to apply for the Australian citizenship, it would be mandatory for them to show a residence proof. He/she must reside in that particular country Australia for a time period before applying for Australian Citizenship. One needs to have an Australian valid Visa for a time period of 4 years just before applying for the citizenship of Australia.

Step 3 – Get informed through resource book
The resource book contains every minute fact along with regards to the citizenship. Thus, it is really mandatory for each and every citizen to read this resource book very well. This helps in understanding what Australian government demands from the people of the nation. One can also get the information regarding the test schedule of the Australian Citizenship and also the process of the interview which a person needs to clear out before getting admission as a citizen or a resident.

Step 4 – gathering original documents
Australian authority would like to check the documents such as your qualification certificates, income proof, evidence proof to view whether a person had any conviction, proof of identity, etc. Individuals who wish to become a resident of Australian Citizenship and who are applying for the Australian Citizenship test needs to produce all the required original documents. If you submit all these documents to the authority, the Australian government authority would definitely accept their application.

Responsibilities of Australian Citizens
Individuals who wish to become a resident of Australia need to take up responsibilities which are listed below:

  • Citizens need to obey the rules and laws of the country Australia.
  • Citizens are required to defend Australia must the need arise.
  • Citizens need to enroll on state or territory and federal electoral registers.
  • Citizens are required to serve on a jury and also if called to do so.
  • Citizens need to vote in elections.

Privileges of Australian citizens
Australian government entitles individuals with the privileges of its citizenship giving them the right for various sources which are discussed below:

  • It helps to live in Australia.
  • It helps to apply for the passport of Australia and to leave Australia and come back without applying for the resident return visa.
  • It helps in seeking assistance from the Australian diplomatic representatives being overseas.
  • It helps to serve in the Australian armed forces.
  • It helps to work in the social and public service.
  • It also helps to register as the Australian citizen by descent even if your child has born overseas even after you become the Australian citizen.
  • It helps to vote to elect Parliament members.
  • It also helps you stand for Parliament.

Australian Citizenship Requirements:
Individuals applying for the Australian Citizenship needs to fulfill some requirement such as the General eligibility criteria and Residence requirement.

General eligibility criteria:
Individuals who are going to apply for the Australian citizenship needs to have the following:

  • He/she must have passed the test.
  • He/she must be an age of 18 years or above at the time when the application is made.
  • They must be a permanent resident person at the application time and also at the time of decision.
  • He/she must satisfy the requirement of the residence.
  • They must be likely to continue to be a resident in Australia, or likely be a resident in Australia or to continue association with Australia or to maintain a association with Australia.
  • He/she must be of good conduct.

Residence requirement:
Individuals who have became permanent residents in Australia on or after 1st July 2007 need to have a resident lawfully in the country for 4 years immediately before going to submit the application even including the following:

  • He/she must be as a permanent resident for 12 months.
  • He/she must not be absent from Australia for not more than twelve months including not more than 3 months in those twelve months before applying.

If a person becomes a permanent resident before 1st July 2007 and applies before 30th June 2010, then he/she must been present physically as a permanent resident in Australia for about 2 years in the 5 years before applying, including 1 year in the 2 years before applying.

On the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, a Citizenship Wizard is available. This helps an individual to determine whether you will the requirement of the residence.