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Don't worry about the world ending today, it's already tomorrow in Australia offers comprehensive and complete practice tests resources and study materials so that an individual can get acquainted easily with the citizenship test questions, rules of the test and more. They have designed and have come up with an idea of providing sample questions for free for the preparation of the Australian citizenship test. It is important and advisable that one needs to have enough preparation before producing for the real Australian citizenship test. An individual can pass the test by following two ways: one is by practicing the previous and sample test questions papers online and the other is by reading the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond resource book.

Individuals who wish for the first method, then you are on the right place and your dreams will come true with the free practice citizenship test questions. The team has take previous questions paper from the actual tests by thoroughly analyzing the official resource book. Thus, the sample question papers which are offered on this website are a mixture of the actual previous test question paper and official resource book paper materials. One can practice these test question paper for free for any number of times at any time without any limit.


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Australian Citizenship Test

Australian citizenship test has been designed for assessing whether an individual has the knowledge of Australia adequate and the privileges and responsibilities of Australian citizenship. The citizenship test of Australia is also designed to know whether the person has a basic knowledge of the language English. English is the national language of Australia. Communicating in English language helps the person to play an active role in the Australian society. It also helps in taking full advantage of employment, education and the other facilities and opportunities that the Australian government has to offer.

Australian Citizenship test have certain questions to test the ability of an individual to become Australian Citizen. These questions are discussed on various online websites. Australian Citizen ship Test questions includes about the Anzac Day, Aboriginal flag, commonwealth property, government rules in Australia, freedom of speech and many more. An individual who wants to become the Australian Citizenship needs to know all about the Australia and its people, Government and the law in Australia, democratic belief, rights and liberties of Australia. Once you about all this you can easily pass through the Australian Citizenship Test. has been designed to help an individual to pass the actual Australian Citizenship Test. One can access unlimited Citizenship test questions that are prepared based on resource book of Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. One needs to practice the sample test question papers well as it is very essential before attempting for the actual Australian Citizenship test, because the percentage of pass of the new Australian Citizenship Test has increased from 60 percentages to 75 percentages from the year 2014 to the 2016. This is an official format online free citizenship test question. Once an individual practices this official test papers he/she would get enough knowledge as there are above 1000 test questions along with analysis and necessary information.

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People usually think that preparing for the Australian Citizenship test and passing it is a very tough and difficult task. Although, it has been a really difficult one a few years ago due to the fact that an individual who wish to be the Australian Citizenship isn’t aware of those questions that are been asked in the Australian Citizenship test. But, today one get to know them though the online practice Australian Citizenship test question for a self test. Firstly, one needs to learn about various lawful, cultural and political facts.

All the questions of the Australian Citizenship Test are based on the three testable sections within official study book. They are divided into three parts – Firstly, Australia and its people, Secondly, Australia’s democratic belief, rights and liberties, Government and the law in Australia. There are various websites through one can find the related sample Australian Citizenship test questions and answers. Thus, you will also get to know about the Australian Citizenship Test.

The Test of Australian Citizenship includes Australia and people which includes about government of the New South Wales, first fleet that arrived in Australia, about the place and the year where the discovery of gold has been done, common wealth of Australia and many more. Some of the other questions may include the Australia’s democratic belief, rights and liberties. These include Australia’s democratic beliefs, Australia’s system of government, about the laws that govern the country, rules of laws and many more related questions. The other part includes the Government and the law in Australia such as the Government and the law in Australia, about the Senators who are elected in the senate from every state, Queens representative in Australia, two houses that represent the parliament.

The Online websites have over 1000 of questions available for practicing the Australian Citizenship Test. Once you study this question papers, you can get to know about the country Australia and you can easily give the test. The questions are related to the Australia and its people, the Australian Government and its laws, Australia’s beliefs, rights, liberty and much more. Thus, you can also easily pass the exam. It is has been highly recommended that one needs to read the Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond or can even see the DVD just before you give your Australian Citizenship Test. One can also go for the online practice test.

The Australian Government says that the Australian Citizenship Test ensures that the applicants have basic knowledge of the language English, adequate knowledge of the Country Australia and the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship and understanding of their applications’ nature. Australian Citizenship Test asks questions about the country’s political system and their values. It is a requirement and necessary for most individuals who apply for the Australian Citizenship.